1842 Strike Part One and Part Two

Abundance Manchester

The Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Race Relations Centre

Anarchists on Ardwick Green, 1893

Anti-Irish riots in Ashton, 1868

Alfred Barton, 19th Century Anarchism and the early 20th century Labour Party

Lydia Becker and the fight for votes for women

Daniel Boyle and Daniel McCabe

Frederick Engels and Mary and Lizzy Burns

Challenge Anarchy

Chartist prisoners in 1841

Civil Rights in Northern Ireland

The Clarion Movement

Connolly Association

Contraceptives, Clinics and Working Class Women: Salford & Manchester Mothers’ Clinic

Hugh Delargy

John Doherty

English Civil War

Fascism and anti-fascism in 1930s Manchester

Ruth and Eddie Frow and the Working Class Movement Library

The General Strike in Manchester

Eva Gore-Booth

Hall of Science

Mary & Percy Higgins – Communists in Tameside

Hulme Community Garden Centre

Hulme Library Mural. Accompanying images are here.

IRA Operations in Manchester 1920-22

The Irish In Britain Representation Group in Manchester part one and part two

The Irish Self-Determination League in Manchester

Manchester at ‘J18’ 1999

Gus John and the Moss Side Defence Committee

Len Johnson

Ernest Jones and the 1846 Chartist gathering on Blackstone Edge

Stephen Kingston and the Salford Star

Jim Larkin, James Connolly and the 1913 Free Trade Hall meeting

Leaf Street

Levenshulme Eco-Mosque

The Luddites’ War on Industry

Manchester and the Death of Terence MacSwiney

The Manchester Martyrs

Manchester Mechanics Institute

May Day Marches in Manchester

Bernard McKenna

Hannah Mitchell, Socialist and Suffragette

Frances Morrison

William Murphy in Manchester, 1868

William O’Brien

Paddy O’Donoghue

Okasional Cafes

Rioting between the Orange Order and Manchester Irish

Robert Owen

Peace & Anti-war activities in 1930s Manchester

Protesting Manchester Airport’s Second Runway

Mary Quaile

Riotous Assembly

Paul Rose and the Campaign for Democracy in Ulster

Benny Rothman and the Kinder Scout mass trespass

Salford’s Unemployed & Community Resource Centre

The 1920 Stockport by-election

The 1852 Stockport riot

Mary Stott and the Guardian Women’s Page

Suffragette Attack on Manchester Art Gallery, April 1913

Betty Tebbs

Leonard & Gertie Tilsley – Stalybridge’s noted socialist councillor and World War One Mutineer; – feminist and community activist

Ellen Tooley and Women’s Rights in Eccles

Unicorn Grocery

The Vegetarian movement in Salford

The beginning of the militant campaign for Votes for Women

Bill Watson & Eccles Communist Party

Sam Wild and Bessie Berry

Ellen Wilkinson

Women at the Peterloo Massacre

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