Visit our bookstore, offering books by Manchester Radical History writers and about grassroots and political history in Greater Manchester and the wider UK. Manchester Radical History is a not-for-profit organisation: proceeds from the store go to maintaining the site and funding writing projects.

7 thoughts on “Bookstore

  1. I am looking for books on the mass trespass on kinder scout. Do you have any or can you give me list? Many thanks, Gill Ormond

  2. Re Gill’s comment – I’d also be interested in finding a good book on that! Countryfile did a piece on it a few years ago, which is where I first heard about it. Fascinating piece of working class history – the precursor to the Countryside Right Of Wat (CROW) Act

  3. I have book I bought 30 odd years ago printed by WILLOW PUBLISHINGS of Timperley, I suggest you look up BENNY ROTHMAN one the men who lead the trespass . A man I met during the miners strike of 1984, a man I’d say only 4′ 10” tall but a colossal man in history(of course not given any recognition today ) Good luck.

  4. Does anyone on this site have an address or email for Richard Haworth whose grandmother,
    Elizabeth MacGowan helped to found the Ancoats Elizabethan society? Or his brother Giles Haworth?

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