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Are you an established or aspiring writer? Do you have an interest in aspects of Manchester’s history – be it anarchists in the 1920s, the Moss Side riots, the fight against the Second Runway at Manchester Airport, how a mosque in Bolton raised £10,000 for Palestinian olive trees, or the city’s links to the suffragettes?

If there’s any way that you might fit the bill, please do get in touch. If you’re new to writing but have a good story to tell we’ll give you advice and support. The main thing is that you have an interest in and passion for your subject – and even if you’ve never written before, the most important thing could be the tales that your Gran, your neighbour or someone you volunteer with can tell. We’re especially interested in writers from outside South/Central Manchester.

To apply to be one of our writers, please email us with an account of your interests and experience and, if possible, links to any previous writing you’ve had published. We’d rather you didn’t send this as attachments.

6 thoughts on “Write for us

  1. Hello my name is Paul Riley and I live in Sydney Australia I would like to write an article on my great great grandfather James Gow when my research on his biography is completed.

    Originally born in Scotland in 1900 he moved to manchester as a youg man and lived in the area for many years.He was actively involved in the chartist movement there (many references to him in relation to the National Trades Council can be found in the Northern Star chartist newspapers.

    As a result of his activism he was hounded by the authrities and he was soon forced to emmigrate to San Fransisco California where he continued as a lithographer and photographer as part of Fishbourne and Gow lithographers in Montgomery St.

    Many of his works are contained in museums in the United States including the bancroft library and the university of california.

    He finally settled in Australia Sydney in 1854 until his death in 1896.His works are also in the National Gallery of Australia

    I am fortunate enough to have his hand written memiors which are a treasuered family herloom and has started me on reserching his life further.
    when my work is complete in writing his biography i would like to write an article on his life for your readers

    Yours Truly
    Paul Riley Sydney Australia.

    • Dear Paul Riley

      I am Senior Curator, Photography National Gallery of Australia and would like to make contact re biographical information on James Gow and Richard H Acley with whom he had worked in San Francisco and with whom he arrived in Australia.

      Yours sincerely

      Gael Newton

    • Paul, I would also like to discuss James Gow with you. I’ve extracted quite a few references to his work as a photographer over the years as part of my ongoing research into early Australian photographers. Cheers! Marcel Safier, Brisbane (if you Google my name you will find my email address)

  2. Long Before the Suffragettes
    170 courageous women from Manchester and Salford were among 1,499 who signed the landmark 1866 women’s suffrage petition. Many of them appear in the census, so their life stories can be put together , but some are difficult to trace. At the moment I am searching for any information about ‘G Booth. 141 Oxford Road Manchester’. Any ideas?
    Some stories of these remarkably radical women from throughout Britain can be found on my blog 1866suffrage petition women.blogspot.com
    Good wishes. Ann Dingsdale

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